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Monday, 24 April 2017

STARTING OFF: Unofficial Introduction

Hi everyone! :)
I am Etheray, and I'm fifteen. Firstly, I want to thank everyone in advance for any form of advice, opinions, suggestions, guidance or criticism towards my future posts and any of my wrongdoings or mistakes. I'm an amateur, however I will always try my best to act and write my posts maturely.
I have always dreamed of becoming an author since I was eight. I have a huge passion for writing, so I will be putting up some of my "creations" once in a while. Comments on my little short stories, poems and quotes are welcomed and highly appreciated. I hope you enjoy reading them, and thank you for helping me work towards my dream!

(All works posted in this blog are strictly copyrighted. Any sort of plagarism is NOT allowed and will be reported.)

Yours sincerely,


  1. Hi

    Saw you on the writers FB page.

    Happy to support you on your journey. My piece of advice is whether you're ready for the curse of the Author.

    What I mean by that is... you need passion and experience to write something meaningful. Sometimes depression, oppression, pain, loss, death... etc

    They are ingredients for a good story.

    Can you stomach it?


    1. It will be painful, but yes, I always treat every single thing, no matter happy or sad, as something I can learn from. It's already a habit somehow. And I'm proud of that! ;)