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Sunday, 30 April 2017

My Writing Dreams

THE STRANGE THING is, what sparked my undying love for writing was a storybook in another language.

When I was eight, I read my first Chinese novel. Its title was "A Beautiful Holiday". I remember myself sitting on my bed, reading the entire novel aloud. I was drawn to the decorative adjectives the author used, the moral values and life lessons that made so much sense, and just by how the author miraculously put the story together, like the flow of the river. From then on, I had my first real dream: I wanted to become an author as well. I wanted to draw pictures with words, touch hearts with words, create a whole new world with words, just like how that author let pictures play vividly before my eyes, touched my heart, and allowed me to be lost in the magical world he created. I am fifteen now, and this dream of mine is only growing every second. Now, I love writing more than ever.

I read very little, my English isn't very good, and I lack imagination. My writings are really far from the standards of a good writer. These are all imperative factors in becoming an author, and I have none. Often, this discourages me, especially when I look around me and realize there are just so many other people who read a lot, know good English, and have fertile imaginations. I want to be like those real authors. They say they practise writing every single day. Unfortunately, I don't have the time......

Now, I am going to use this wonderful empty space to practise my writing. It's okay if I can't do it everyday. It's okay if my writing has lots of grammar mistakes and much-too-simple storylines. I shall work really hard, I shall keep practising, and someday, someday, I shall achieve my dream. And that is going to make me so happy! :)


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