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Saturday, 6 May 2017

MICRO STORY #2: Best Friends Born Dumb

Hi everyone! I am going to put up my second creation. I don't think it is a very good story though...but it's okay, I will always work hard to improve on my writing. Please do comment on my short story, thank you!

#2: Best Friends Born Dumb
Tearful Maria takes one last glance at the chattering gaggle of girls, and turns away.
Forlorn Jane wipes her tears away ferociously, and looks away from the group of twittering little princesses.


Five years later.

It is a dead, silent midnight. However, in College For Disabled Students, room thirty-three, it is filled with noisy chatter and laughter.

Hey, but no one seems to be bothered!

Maria's eyes sparkles as she points to a beautiful picture in a book, her favourite artisty, impressionistic type. Jane nuzzles her head against Maria's shoulder. Suddenly, Jane nudges Maria, eyes filled with wonder and excitement and absolute delight as she showed her yet another vividly descriptive line, the kind she adores. Maria leans in to read the line. Then Maria starts doing a cheerful, light-footed dance around the small room. Jane prances behind her playfully. Finally they fall back onto their bed, out of breath. They reach for each other's hands. They smile at each other, their shared happiness evident and radiant on their faces.

It is so noisy in room thirty-three.

I hope you like my story!
I would like to share with everyone what inspired me to write this story.

Sometimes I am confused about why friends are so built on conversation and similar topics. As a girl who doesn't enjoy talking and chatting all the time, I detest and am repulsed by that fact. It seems as though everyone in the entire universe loves talking and talking and talking, and it seems as though chatting is the only medium to friendship. Why? Was the ability of speech bestowed upon us meant to be used for tightening bonds between humans? Personally, I disagree. Bonds are not tightened by excessive conversations, an abundance of similar topics, or scores of flowery and flattering words. Bonds are tightened by heart.
I wrote this story about two girls who are both born dumb, but are best friends. One of the messages I am trying to convey is that no matter how different we are from others, we will still one day find someone like us, whom could be our close friend. The world is so vast. Someday, no matter how awfully different you are, you will find someone who is suitable for you.
Other than that, I also wanted to emphasize that even without the Bestowed Ability Of Speech, bonds can still be made. Because bonds are tightened by heart, not by conversation. In my story titled Best Friends Born Dumb, Maria and Jane understand each other, feel each other, and can hear each other's voices without having to open their mouths at all. They may even understand and feel each other more than typical best friends, because silence gives the heart and mind an opportunity to search and seek to understand. Excessive chatter only causes our hearts and minds to be lost in a sea of words and noise, perplexed and unable to find its way out. I say room thirty-three is the noisiest room of all, because it is true. In my opinion, more words are said in silence than in chatter.

I hope to write more and better stories in the future! See all of you soon!


  1. Can you make letters a little bit larger. It's hard to read small letters.

    1. I agree that the font size is really a problem! If you take a look at one of my longer stories, I Have The Dress, the text are even smaller. But unfortunately one size larger than this and it will be way too large, I've tried it before. Too bad there isn't any in between :P Thanks for dropping by to read my story ;)