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Thursday, 29 June 2017

MICRO STORY #5: Copycat

Hi! This is a story I wrote for the Nonsense Writing Challenge on Christopher Fielden's site. Each time 100 stories are received, it will be published in an anthology. A part of the money made from the anthology sales will be donated to the Daisy Garland Charity, a charity that helps children suffering from epilepsy in the UK. You can try submitting a story for the challenge! It's great fun, and it also feels very freeing, because you get to shove away your inner insecurities and just create! I've learnt that sometimes, writing on impulse can produce great wonders. :)

#5: Copycat 
The duck... no, the swan waddled awkwardly. It smashed straight into the wall.


I stared at it, dumbfounded. 

Just a moment ago, I had been busy destroying the tranquillity of a pond as I valiantly struggled to haul a swan out of the pond by its feathery tail, ker-splosh noises filling the air. It had been weird enough to see the swan's feet. Swans spend so much of their time floating on lakes that we forget swans have legs.

What now? A blind swan? Or has it yet to get accustomed to walking on land? 

My elder brother cackled at the sight. He squat-walked, shaking his haunches exaggeratedly, and slammed face-first into the wall.

Now that's what I call an idiot. 

Meaning behind story:

The true idiots aren’t people who make mistakes but people who deliberately repeat others'.