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Friday, 16 June 2017

My Favourite Things

Hi everyone! I would like to share some of my favourite things. 

Writing and storybooks are my haven. They are the only things that will always be there for me, and they are the only things that have the ability to make me really, really happy.

There are three favourite things I like doing in writing. It makes writing so, so much more fun! One, I like digging out Rules Of Nature never found out or "never thought about it that way" before and conveying it out uniquely. Two, I also really enjoy thinking of anything people who consider normal, then writing the exact opposite. Three, I love observing nature carefully, taking a simple element and tweaking its meaning wildly and recklessly. It makes me really happy when I do all that! 

As for storybooks and novels, I'm not much into purely action, adventure, science fiction or fantasy (basically purely anything); filled with magic wands and saving lives and detective mysteries and journeying into secret places and whatnot; only unless within it holds a really unique explanation of nature, or the relationship between humans or between humans and animals. (Which is too much to ask, I know. :P But that's just what I love!)

I hope I can put up my next creation soon! A few of my following posts will be featuring some of my little stories written last time, so I hope to be able to write a fresh-out-of-the-oven one soon after that and post it up her for you to be its first reader. :P



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