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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

MICRO STORY #10: Smirks

I hope you like my rather simple story! It's actually based on how I feel.... about some things. I hope you like it! (Even though there's nothing much to like in this one :P But still, I hope you like it and do leave your comments below! I would really appreciate critique even for the simplest and randomest story.)

#10: Smirks
Clara and Tiffany smirk at each other.

Something shifts inside me. I feel feverishly uncomfortable. Fear, anger, frustration and confusion overwhelm me, even though the smirk wasn’t meant for me.

Or is it because it wasn’t meant for me?

Or both?

Georgia, Renny and Christie approach me. They swagger towards me, identical, sarcastic smirks on their ugly faces.

They disappear. I see my two best friends giving each other more smirks. I don’t budge, but my heart itself recoils, like a mimosa plant sensitive to touch.

Georgia and the gang loom above me, wearing that same look on their faces. Renny lifts her pencil box---heavy, made of metal, gleaming in a way that isn’t blindingly bright, but instead looks eerily dark and evil.

They disappear again. The teacher in front of the classroom makes yet another spelling mistake. “Oops,” we hear for the thousandth time.

My best friends, as if planned beforehand, turn to me simultaneously, shooting me wide smirks that I am so phobic of. My best friends, whom I love so much.

I valiantly struggle to still my pounding, cowering heart. I steeled, forcing myself to think clearly, to open up my mind and heart that had been sealed shut for centuries. I feel cold as I allow myself to open up to everything for the first time; as I let myself process everything from the pass until this moment, as I let myself open up to a million possibilities, for the very first time. I feel cold and exposed, but I realize that only by letting the cold in would there be a chance for warmth to one day enter, as well. And it would engulf the cold and take over the domain, I was certain.

Perhaps even smirks wielded different meanings?

I lift my gaze, shedding a coat of dead, dry leaves. I smirk back.


  1. This one is really interesting. I found myself wanting to know his or her back story on why they got that way. Btw you made a spelling error you wrote pass instead of past. I hope this helps :)