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Saturday, 8 July 2017

MICRO STORY #6: Suiciding Peculiarly

This is another one of my writings I submitted for Christopher Fielden's site. Just like my story "Copycat" that I wrote for the Nonsense Writing Challenge, this story will also be published in an anthology once 100 submissions is reached. I wrote this piece for the Abverb Writing Challenge. It was really freeing to write for both the Nonsense and Abverb Challenges, because I did not need to think about if I was good enough, all I did was just create and create and create!

#6: Suiciding Peculiarly
After thrusting myself over the edge, rashly, it took all my willpower not to clutch at the ledge, desperately.

As I rocketed down the height of the Empire State Building, a-ton-of-stonesly, I glimpsed fowls’ wings, flapping noisily; heard commercials on toilet-bowl-best-buys, blaring ridiculously. All the while I screamed, at-the-top-of-my-lungsly.

Ironically fortunately, I zoomed down into a humongous trampoline, that appeared out-of-nowherely. Before I could start counting my blessings, jovially, I reverberated, terrifyingly, into a flower bush, utterly ungainly. I wasn’t hurt, exceedingly bizarrely.

“Again, mister, again,” said the children, awaiting my next stunt, eagerly.

Meaning of story: Life of a stuntman

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