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Thursday, 13 July 2017

SHORT STORY #9: I Have The Dress (Chapter One)

This is my longest story yet! I'm such a novice, 4936 words is the most I have written :P  I really hope to write much longer (and better) stories in future.

(This entire story, from Chapter One to Seven, is strictly copyrighted. Any sort of plagarism is NOT allowed and will be reported. )

This is the tale of a slight alter---or rather, a huge tweak :P of the meaning of the word ‘princess’. Where a princess is redefined. I hope you like it!

#8: I Have The Dress
Chapter One: The Horrible Thing
“But why does it have to be me?”

“Because you have the dress,” said Aliya.

It was that dreaded time of the year again, for Rui Lee. Their school had a really peculiar fixed rule for their school plays. Every year, there had to be a princess in the play. The princess could be the star or just a side character, as long as there was one.

Rui Lee fingered at the frilly laces. She wore the horrible thing as a bridesmaid for her cousin  Cheng Ru’s wedding, and her very generous cousin had let her keep it ever since. She had decided to go home and stuff it into The Depths Of The Murky Cupboards, but for the past few years, that thing was glued to her. She just couldn’t shake it off.

“I would give anything to have a dress like that,” gushed Kimberly. She gazed longingly at The Horrible Thing, her brain already diligently memorizing every gory detail of it.

I would give everything to get rid of this thing!” Rui Lee blurted out, quite by accident.

“Then give it to me, your Royal Highness Princess Red Leaves!” Kimberly fell to her knees before Rui Lee. Most of their classmates laughed at the exaggeration, but there were some who gasped and gawked at the exceedingly lifelike scene of a lowly peasant kneeling before a beautiful princess. Or the clever depiction of Cinderella Before and After, one shouted excitedly. Only one wore a sweet yellow dress instead of the iridescent blue gown Cinderella After’s godmother magicked out of thin air, and another had uglier rags than Cinderella Before------it wasn’t even made of cloth. It was made of dirty, torn and outdated newspaper.

Rui Lee’s classmates’ sarcastic laugh irked her. Then she caught the others’ ridiculous gawks and lost it.

“Oh, stop it!” she yelled.

Rui Lee comes from China. China is famous for reinforcing strong foundation in the children’s education. However, it is said that due to excessive repeating and ramming of the knowledge down their throats, the children of China have very limited minds. And it was because of that her father brought her to another country, with perhaps weaker reinforcement of basics in education, but an opportunity he was not given in his youth------to think out of the box. As her father put it, “let your imagination go wild, let your mind be set free”.

In China, the teachers often use metaphorical resonances to teach children. For instance, the leaves of a plant are compared to the fair fingers of a maiden dotted with heavy and expensive jewellery. Red symbolizes the high-and-mighty, royalty, and……arrogance.

Rui Lee’s friends call her Red Leaves. They say it’s the perfect nickname for her because it sounds like her name, Rui Lee, but of course she knew better. She recalled the edge in their voices as their cheeky little mouths rounded every single word: Princess, Red, Leaves, each one carrying their respective hidden-but-not-so-hidden meanings, and felt herself flush in a jumble of embarrassment and anger.

“Okay, whatever Your Royal Highness wants.”

“Let’s go, friends, Her Highness seems to be in a bad mood.”

“Princess Red Leaves needs to attend etiquette classes!”

Rui Lee watched them go, her heart thumping in silent fury as her sharp ears caught every one of her classmates’ words, never feeling more isolated. She glanced down at The Horrible Thing.


Stay tuned for more of Rui Lee's rants... :P but trust me, this isn't all about dresses and princesses and girly stuff. It's about a lot more. 

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