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Friday, 14 July 2017

SHORT STORY #9: I Have The Dress (Chapter Three)

#9: I Have The Dress 
Chapter Three: Serious Research
“Going to ball dances in shimmering gowns. Yuck. Curtsying in front of the queen with your dresses billowing out like a balloon. Oh come on, princesses do nothing but wear gowns. Besides, if my mom catches me doing that…… KISSING BOYS?! EWWW......”

Rui Lee flipped to the last page of Cinderella and blinked, as if only belatedly realizing she was out of choices. What could she do? None of the things princesses did even came close to okay for her.

Then she remembered. She still had Snow White, buried deep in her book cupboard. Now if she could just get to it……

Rui Lee stuck her left arm deep into her book cupboard, craning her neck back, trying to reach further into the cupboard. She wiggled and flailed her fingers, then gave up and started rummaging in her rubbish dump of a cupboard. “Make way, make way,” she growled, as if she were an ambulance behind a long queue of cars. Siren blaring, she threw her books behind her in infuriation, trying to get to the very bashful Snow White at the back of the cupboard, already breaking a princess’ rule------courtesy.

Finally, Rui Lee fished out Snow White. Slumping back into her chair, she randomly flipped through the pages. It occurred to her that Snow White’s dressing wasn’t shimmery and sparkly like Cinderella’s, which instantly pacified her a little.

“Seven little elves…blah, blah……” she mumbled absentmindedly.

Rui Lee turned to a page with an illustration of Snow White dancing near a flowerbed with a dozen colourful birds flocking around her. With lush green grass instead of a ball room, soft white skirt instead of ethereal ball gown, Snow White made dancing look a lot less repellent. Rui Lee flipped the page again to another picture of Snow White, kneeling in a cluster of beautiful flowers. The tip of Snow White’s dress was slightly dirtied by mud, Rui Lee’s observant eyes caught, but Snow White didn’t seem to care one bit. She held a flower stalk in one hand, inhaling the flower’s fresh scent and singing at the same time. A group of animals crowded around her, listening to her sing.


“Rui!” Mom had just finished dressing up as a clown. She stared wide-eyed at the chaotic heap of books. “Gosh, it’s as if a tornado just passed by. Pack them back nicely.” Rui Lee grunted and packed everything back into the cupboard.

She sneaked a glance at the mud on Snow White’s dress again before shutting the book.

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