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Friday, 14 July 2017

SHORT STORY #9: I Have The Dress (Chapter Two)

Rui Lee and her horrible dress is back!

#9: I Have The Dress
Chapter Two: Mom’s Wish
“You look like a real life princess in this dress, dear,” said mom, who was sitting at the dressing table, admiring her daughter in Her Horrible Thing through the large wall mirror while slapping on some make up.

“I don’t want to be a princess,” Rui Lee retorted.

“You are born a princess,” said her mom. “Ma and Pa’s sweet princess!” As she said this, mom turned to smile at Rui Lee. Rui Lee forced a smile back, but she did not want to be a princess.

“I don’t want to be one,” Rui Lee repeated. She shuffled her feet behind her mom, picking at her dress a bit too often while distractedly glancing behind at her comfy mint green shorts and white top laid on her bed.

“Mom wants you to be one,” mom argued playfully, now putting on her mascara. Rui Lee winced. The make up------or as Rui Lee put it------“disgusting graffiti” made her mom look like a monster. Or worse, a clown.


Rui Lee walked to her pink, fluffy bed, an image of what her mom wanted her to be: sugar, spice, and everything nice. Being sweet and girly just wasn’t her thing. But she loved her mother, despite hating the thought of being a princess or the fact that her mother liked dressing up as a party clown pretty often, which was worse than dressing up as a princess. She especially despised dresses, but she wanted to make her mom happy.

The gears are turning... 

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