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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Spreading Happiness ;)

Writing is really fun because you can do anything you want in writing. Anything at all in the entire universe. It is said that writing can depict magic and fantasy very vividly, but in truth, writing itself is already magical, because it can do anything. You can conquer all things considered impossible in real life, starting with the word 'anything' itself.

I am folding some paper swans and flowers now. I love doing origami, and I need to practise regularly so that I wouldn't forget the steps. However I don't have the space to keep so many origami stuff! In my writing that is capable of doing anything, I would create a magical machine that can deliver instantly all my paper origami's to everyone in my school, and they would return to their classrooms after recess and see a paper swan or bellflower on their desks. Origami can make such pretty things, it would be so nice to see everyone's delighted faces to receive one, especially those who do not know how to do origami. Since I can't keep them for myself and I can't bear to throw them away, that would be just perfect! It would be so wonderful to see people happy on my account. This way, I can make people happy without them needing to know who I am.

However, since that is not possible, I hope that I can write more and more cute and interesting stories for you to read! I wish with my whole heart that my 'creations' will make all of you happy!

With lots and lots of love,


  1. Aye, thats awesome. Its so sweet that you gave origami to others😊