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Saturday, 19 August 2017

MICRO STORY #11: Colourful Boundaries

Hey everyone! I really really hope you'll like my latest story! This is a microstory written for a Sweek competition (Sweek is a writing community, like Wattpad), where you have to incorporate the word "book" in your story. 

#11: Colourful Boundaries

A cat with snowy white fur peered out from behind the slightly ajar door. Sorcerer Hokaji was nowhere to be seen. 

The cat pattered towards The Thing.

This is the symbol of freedom? He narrowed his eyes at the thin leaves pressed together, not unlike the pursed lips of uncertainty. The cat kicked it open. He glanced at the sea of black and white.  An abyss of oblivion, more like.

​Sorcerer Hokaji materialised beside the cat. The cat yelped. 

"Ho, Hoka---" he blurted in a messy series of meows.

Did you choose this book for a reason?" the sorcerer asked with a smile. 

The cat furrowed his eyebrows. Reduce his cat food allowance, even take one of his nine lives......  anything, but talk about That Thing.

The sorcerer raised his arms.

The cat peered out at the moonlit snow. It will never be as white as his fur, though. 

His little mistress came bounding out of the kitchen. She set his food bowl down for him. "It's so good you're back! Where have you been?" She plopped down on the floor and grabbed her half-read book from the table. 

Magical, colourful thoughts swirled in the cat's mind. So unlike his fur.

Wish me luck! ;)

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