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Thursday, 24 August 2017

MICRO STORY #12: In Your Face!

Hey guys. Check out my ultra-micro piece written purely on impulse, inspired by a post in a writing group on facebook, in LESS than 5 minutes. 

#12: In Your Face!
I won my first writing competition! The sunlight outside seems to be shinning brighter. The world smiles at me. I smile back. I'm ready for the world!!!
I run towards the front of the spacious hall, as spacious as my heart is now. I dash to embrace my trophy, my cash prize, and most importantly, my dream.....

Ooofff!! I slam face first into the side of the stage.

"Tommy!! The stairs is that-a-way."

This was my way of proving (to someone who asked) that you can walk both "onto" and "into" a stage, hahahahaha. Hope you had a great laugh! 


  1. Thank you! ;) This was just a short burst written on impulse though, nothing much :b