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Saturday, 26 August 2017

Nighttime Dreams Of A Writer :P

Argh!!! These days I've been having so many weird, magical, mysterious and mostly SCARY dreams!! Even in the dream, I remember thinking that I had to write this down when I woke up. I just had to!!! But it's impossible. Now I can't remember anything clearly, I can't recall what could have happened in my dream that made it so thrilling and scary!! It would have served as a great inspiration for a story! Now I'll just have to hope that all these dreams will stay in my subconcious, and one day when I need it, it shall resurface from the murky depths.....


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    1. Yeah hahaha! It's a really good source of inspirations. When you're facing writers' block, the powerful mind can dream up anything for you. Unfortunately, it doesn't stay long... :P

  2. Yes, dreams can yield good material. Must be why I enjoy sleep so much! Lol

    1. That's so true! Newly discovered way to overcome writers' block: sleep more :P