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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

MICRO STORY #14: The Colours Of True Love

Hi guys, this is a story I wrote for another writing prompt! It isn't as funny and quirky as the previous one about Ogre the Prince Charming, for sure! Hahahaha :P But still....this one has a unique twist at the ending! So I think it won't be too cliche. Hope you enjoy it!

Writing prompt:

In three words, he broke her heart.
"All the time."

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#14: The Colours of True Love
"I've found my true love." The boy with ruffled hair had told her.
Never had she felt so shattered. She had run out into the murky darkness of a thunderstorm, that furiously chastised her rash decisions and whispered ominously of her future.
Alicia had fallen head over heels in love with Gorncha. It was the kind of love no one believed in and everyone wrinkled their noses at---love at first sight. And Gorncha...what a name.
But could she help it if fate seemed to already have things planned out for her?
Gorncha came hurrying out into the rain. You would have expected splashes of puddles, but no. His legs kicked up water droplets, but Alicia heard only slimely, slithery sounds. But she'd already heard those sounds for an eternity.
Alicia heard the slithery sounds halt a few feet behind her. She didn't look back, afraid to show him her tears; but who could distinguish between her tears, her sweat and the raindrops anyway?
The boy didn't say anything. He just stood there.

After a moment, she spoke.

"Do you miss her?" Her voice scarcely a whisper.

In three words, he broke her heart. "All the time."

She had known this moment would come. She'd even memorised the precise words she would shriek at him, visualised how she would break down. But no words came.
In truth, the angel and demon in Gorncha's heart were having the biggest fight of the century, too. Say it now! he thought to himself. She will never ever know if you don't tell her now. What are you doing?!!
His foolish heart failed to comply, however. He watched as Alicia left without looking back. This was different from the usual little squabbles. This was forever.
And as Alicia walked further and further away from him, gone was his ruffled hair, his strongly built shoulders. He silently succumbed to the inevitable, waiting for his already grey heart to be mercilessly replaced with a black void.
But a strange sensation filled him now. Colours spilled back into his body.
Perhaps, perhaps! he had just changed himself too much? He had hated being in that boy's body with grey hair and a grey heart. Maybe he could still make things turn out! Maybe.....

The next day, Alicia woke to a trail of colourful slime on her windowsill: You are her.
And a chameleon nestled, in the rusted colour of the windowsill, beside it.

Copyright Rachel Tan, 6th Sept 2017.

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