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Saturday, 16 September 2017

MICRO STORY #15: Perfectly Tilted Balance

Hiiiii everyone! A bit of my muses came back ! :P Here's another writing prompt I found. I wrote a reasonably good story based on it! The story is a bit vague, though, so please tell me if there's anything you don't understand, and of course if there's anything you like about it! I hope you enjoy my story! ;)

Photo prompt:
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#15: Perfectly Tilted Balance
Slowly, the boat cut across the paper. The sailor at the helm hesitated. His crewmates looked down the side of the boat.  

It didn't split into half, and will never be. 

This particular piece of paper is stronger than stone. It can never be broken. For it carries love and hate, friendship and enemies, joy and sorrow, knowledge, experience, age, and even death. The repetitive grinding of opposing powers hasn't created dents, instead it has hardened the wall, made it compact. 

A large white scorpion clutches the bottom left corner of the mast, as if hanging on for dear life. I still exist, it insists. 

White wing masts reach out to the sky. Yet-to-be sunflowers radiate colour from within. The picture of an ethereal dream. 

Luckily, fortunately, kindness still outweighs cruelty. Not too much, not too little, however, so that the paper---the ocean---remains intact.

Copyright Rachel Tan, 16th of September 2017.

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