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Thursday, 7 September 2017

POEM @4: A Warrior's Love

Hi everyone!! I recently submitted this poem to Chicken Soup For The Soul for consideration for publishing ;D The theme is "Stories Of Redemption". As much as I am excited, I'm really scared that my story may not fit the theme. Do you think it fits?

Even if it doesn't, I hope you like my poem!!
Let me know what you think of it in the comments ;)

@4: A Warrior's Love
Spear flung to the ground
Clatters noisily
Wielder dashes toward someone
Close to heart

Other warrior, far yonder
Sheathes her sword, but refined
The two meet
Crazy ecstasy
Emerges victor
As armours clink
And shields clank

She watches
As they ramble
"How was the battle?"
"Where shall we settle?"
Rattle, tattle,
On they babble.

She pries her eyes
Away from the two.
She focuses her gaze on the
wreckage of the enemy---
Shall she rejoice?
Or shall
She take revenge?

Revenge, it shall be.

Now her bow and arrow
Fall to the ground
Evil, born from
A heart of too much love
From the seemingly weightless
And insignificant weapon
Its desire to be noticed.

Far beyond the horizon
A war horn sounds
"Back to your places!"
"Ready your weapons!"
Everyone panics.
Everyone despairs.

As the two
Take their places
She smiles.
May you always
Remain in your
Obligatory positions;
May you always
Clutch your
Beckoning weapons;

May there always be war.

For years
Heads are plunged
Into never-ending battle
As she looks on.

Where is the delight?
Where is the triumph?
Her eyes widen aghast---
For she relinquished
Her grey heart
In search of light,
Only to be replaced with
A black void.

Once again
she falls to her knees
"I take it back,
I take it all back!"
But no---
The sky will not
To cries of regret
Will not listen
To second pleas.

She rises
And trundles unharmed,
Into the carnage
She gave life to,
Toward her comrades
Still throwing themselves
Into battle.

Gently she removes the spear
From the gripped fists
Of a confused Wielder.
Gently she removes the sword
From the sweaty palms
Of a perplexed Warrior.
And with
A piercing clang
On the ground
Everything disappears.

She grips her bow
Now softly aglow
And watches
As they ramble
"How was the battle?"
"Where shall we settle?"
Rattle, tattle,
On they babble.

And she smiles
In genuine happiness,
Her heart
Sprouting white wings,
For warriors
Can love too.

Copyright Rachel Tan, 31 Oct 2017.


  1. I wonder what is she fighting for...
    But i am glad she endures it

    1. Thanks so much for reading my poem! By starting a real war, she is in actual fact trying to fight for the friendship she yearns for.