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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Discoveries In My Writing Life!

I originally considered my recent "Messy Idea" (here's my "Messy Idea" that turned out to be much "neater" than expected :P) not too bad, because I managed to convey myself clearly in that story. However, after a chat with a friend today about the story I would write for her birthday, I am once again reminded that not everyone likes deep, flowery, "Shakespearey" stories. People want fast-paced, gripping stories that brim with suspense, not stories that drone on about philosophies and the definitions of life.

Actually, I highly disapprove of "going overboard", too, so I try my best to make sure my stories are not like that. However, the hard part about writing this story for my friend is that our personalities vary, a lot, and despite my collecting of her preferences for the story (her sidekick in the story, the setting, etc.), I know for certain that when I sit down and write that story for real, I will stray away towards my comfort zone: descriptive, flowery stories, without even realising it until I'm done.

There's this weird thing, though. When reading novels, I find myself enjoying a fast-paced story much more than a story full of descriptives. And YET I always choose to write the latter. (I can't even say "more often than not", because it is all the time.) Yes, now that I think of it, I've never written a fast-paced story before, filled with life, adventures and characters with colourful personalities. All I've ever done is write stories that has some "hidden life lesson" within. I must not do that. I realize stories with deep life lessons are increasingly written by people who think they know how to write and know a lot about life, but in fact many (not all, but many) are writers who know nothing but that bit of life advice they once got, that gave them the illusion that they are omnicient.

I mean no offense to those who write "life's meaning" stories. I am that kind of writer as well! But my point is, I am not going to allow myself to write endless pretentious praises of life. As much as we should stop to admire the view, it is equally imperative we continue on enjoying and venturing through life, and not dwell for eons on analysing why one flower wilted by the roadside.

I write only "life's meaning" stories, probably because I don't actually know how to write properly. I lack imagination and creativity, and that's why I stick to the easy way of pretending I'm very knowledgable. That's why. I finally know now. Now, I just need to work on my imagination! Which is why I'm trying to read as much as I can now, and I'm planning to get books in various genres after my exam. And I'm going to make sure I absorb lots of great ideas, in time for my friend's birthday story, and many more.

Lastly, I must also thank blogs for existing :P Believe it or not, I think as I write, and the things I learnt about myself here only just dawned on me as I wrote. Without my blog to put my thoughts out loud in words, I would never have formed such an organised mental list on what kind of writer I am.


One day, I will write a fast paced story that is at the same time full of life lessons.


  1. Don't lose this attitude of yours. You are sure to reach great heights. Never let the pain in the journey intimidate you...

    Join this community, it has many active members in it...

    1. Thank you so much! :D Which community, though? I don't see one.

  2. You got this! The writing process is really hard. It is definitely a journey to discovering who you are as a person and as a writer. You may also have to realize that while you may love a certain type of book, it might just be that you are supposed to write the opposite and just add your own flavor to it.

    1. Yes, that's really true! Thanks for dropping by :D