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Featured Post: Introduction

INTRODUCTION About Me Hiii everyone, I'm Etheray! I'm a teenage girl who loves writing more than anything  in the entire ...

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Featured Post: Introduction


About Me

Hiii everyone, I'm Etheray! I'm a teenage girl who loves writing more than anything in the entire universe :P , and I aspire very, very seriously to become an established author someday. I created this blog to practice my writing skills! :)

I am passionate about writing because I love to express myself. Which is why besides writing, I also love playing the piano and singing---these are all wonderful ways of expression. Whenever I'm sad, writing is always what I hold on to. I really cannot begin to tell you how much I love writing!

What I Write

I write anything at all that pops into my head. What you will see on my blog is every novel to every short, incomplete snippet I write from the day I start this blog onwards, until the day I forget the very existence of it (which won't be anytime soon) :P . But here are a few categories that I'll use to classify my blogposts:

My Completes:
SHORT STORY                (All labelled '#')

MICRO POEM                  (All labelled '@')

My Incompletes:

And of course, there'll be updates on what I've been doing, thinking or feeling. :)

"My Completes" are stories that I have written seriously, perhaps editted multiple times, and most of them submitted to writing competitions or consideration for publishing.

As for "My Incompletes", they are everything else messy, intuitive, unplanned and unprofessional, but perhaps potentially greater that the ones I wrote seriously but felt bound by ropes while at it. They are what I'll use to learn to get my thoughts flowing freely, and also to collect short bursts of precious ideas and inspirations for the future.

My Goals

I aim to be a successful novelist someday. I am going to write stories that are not only thought-provoking, but at the same time fast-paced (Read "Discoveries In My Writing Life", my mission to try juggling BOTH these worlds-apart elements in one story). I will strive to have patience, be determined, and be as original a writer as I can. I want to write unique stories and create wonders!

(I know I'm daydreaming right now!! :P But I am really going to try!)


Thank you all so much for becoming readers of my blog! Your comments on my little stories and poems are highly welcomed and appreciated. Do FOLLOW my blog if you're interested, it would mean the whole world to me! :)


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