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Monday, 25 September 2017

Incompletes: "Come On, Just Write Something!"

Okay, so I put up a featured blog saying that I'm going to add "Incompletes" into my blogging world, and then I put up a flowery, "descriptivey" announcement of its birth (here's the unbelievably descriptive way I announced the new addition to my blog hahaha), but I still cannot bring myself to write one Incomplete. It's the getting started part that's hard, like although I know where I'm going with this, it's still like announcing the start of the Apocalypse. "From now on, everyone, my blog shall be highly unprofessional." Yup, it's as terrible as it sounds.

So I'm struggling to remind myself that I might lose followers and readers and all that due to my messy writings that may ensue, but still what's most important is that I learn from everything, I know where I'm going, and I strive to be a really successful author someday, while at the same time believing these very words now.

Come on. Why don't you just write something ughhsdndffg!

See, my inner voice is yelling at me already. So I'm going to start with something now... anything. Right here. No matter how weird it's going to be:

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