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Monday, 25 September 2017

MESSY IDEAS 1: Look Around You

So I'm going to be typing an Incomplete straight into this blog post, right here, right now, off the top of my head. I hope it won't be too rubbishy or hard to understand :P
Read my previous post on my inner dilemma preceding this story! :P

Well, but there are miracles....

Messy Ideas 1: Look Around You

It's still dark. I like it this way--it makes the school feel smaller, cozier. I hate when the light exposes everything. And the wind is soft and cooling, the natural cool that I love, so unlike the prickly, freezing air-conditioning.

I'm sitting at the foot of the pillar as usual, the pillar I claimed mine once I threw my school bag down beside it eons ago. Teachers breeze past, gushing about each others' choice of wear, like teenagers in college; I can even precisely remember how my history teacher's high heels go clop. Students make a bee line towards the canteen, unhurried, their eyes half closed.

My eyes are glued to the long wooden display cupboard, where golden trophies shimmer and shine. But I'm not admiring the trophies---I'm staring, like a hungry tigress, at the small pile of newspapers on the cupboard. My eyes slant-- left, right; I must steal one unnoticed. My mission. My dream, I warn myself. Get it or else. 

The discipline teacher enters the teachers' room. Coast clear. One newspaper is snatched off the cupboard, the flustered sign yelling "FOR TEACHERS ONLY" landing back down, now a calm autumn leaf, onto the next newspaper. The newspaper is stuffed into my bag-- it's like nothing ever happened.

But now that I have it, I'm procrastinating. I glance in the direction of a car coming beyond the school gates, moving into our world. Before it turns into the school's parking lot, it goes over a road hump, and suddenly the world is blindingly bright. Momentarily, everything around me disappears-- cowering, receding deeper into the past; and I am yanked forward to take the place of an empty, bleak future. Then the light is gone. Colours pour back into the drained canvas, and before I know it, the car is already parked.

If I were a little girl, and I paid as close attention to this as I had just now, I would've been stretching my tiny neck, trying to see who, exactly, is this being who has such a powerful vehicle in possession, one that could simultaneously illuminate and blind the world. But I knew, this is just another driver and his vehicle.

Or is it?

Maybe this is a message, reminding me that things, when looked at at various angles, how entirely different it can seem. It can be. One moment it is dim and insignificant, and the next, after that tiny road hump-- after the obstacle that pointed someone not toward the ground, but to the sky...

The sun is coming up. I stealthily take out my stolen item, shoving it back under the pile of newspapers. The ruffled sign frowns at me, then goes back to sleep. 

Perhaps there are other ways to learn more about the world, as a young aspiring author.

Like, for instance, looking around you.

Copyright Rachel Tan, 24th Sept 2017.

Whoops! Perhaps this was a teeny bit better than expected :P So there really are miracles! I typed the whole thing here. You can see I ponder over things a lot, by the way I look so deeply into car lights and road humps. Haha!

Here's what I'm trying to tell my readers, if I didn't successfully get it across (do please let me know if I did!):
1. With dreams and determination, we have the power to change the future, no matter how bleak and hopeless it may currently seem;
2. Obstacles impede our progress, but when taken from a different angle, are also pointers toward our success and happiness.
3. Most importantly, the girl in the story learns both these lessons by looking around at her surroundings and noticing little things, like a car, its car lights and a road hump; and what it all could mean. All these contribute to her dreams of learning more about the world, so that she may become an outstanding author someday.

Thanks for reading and do tell me what you think of my story! ;)


  1. Okay, oh my gosh! I can feel it completely!!! Whatever you're writing, I felt that way too! It's great! Keep it on!!
    Ps: now I know how you stole those newspapers unnoticed

  2. Whoa, this is absolutely brilliant! I love your writing style!! Keep it going. <3