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Thursday, 21 September 2017

MICRO STORY #16: Three Dreams

Hi everyone!! I rushed yet another micro story for a Sweek writing competition--- yet again submitting it on the deadline itself. I'm always like that! :P Anyway, here it is. I'm sure you'll like this one! 

I have here three special types of dreams, carefully selected out of so many more that prevail in our world:

#16: Three Dreams
Bead bracelets, that sang words of praise for violins, adorned her tiny wrists. Violin keychains and drawings scattered all over the wooden table.

"In my sleep, and in real life...both are dreams. Right?"

The little girl clutched her violin. Already grade five she was. She lifted it and rubbed it against her tiny head.

"I want to be a violinist. I want to be a violinist. I want to be a violinist." She babbled. 

Then she climbed onto her pink bed. She lifted her violin and played three of Mozart's songs, engrossed in the lovely music. Young is her heart, but she feels deeply. 

Finally, she hugged her violin close to her chest. 

"I want to be a violinist," she said, and then drifted off to sleep. 

That night, she would for the thousandth time dream of herself performing atop a stage, under spotlights that blazed as bright as her violinist dreams, and someday, she would wake up for it to have come true. 

Grandma Poppy peeked through the slightly ajar door. She smiled. 

Perhaps the real dream is being able to enjoy childhood while it lasts. 

Copyright Rachel Tan, 17th Sept 2017.

Thanks so much for reading! Wish me luck! :P

EDIT: I fell short of the finalists for the 3rd time in a Sweek competition :P , but I'll never give up!! There are two upcoming Sweek competitions now. I may submit to them too! 

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