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Thursday, 21 September 2017

New Decision!

I've decided to post snippets of diary-like, incomplete pieces too. Since I'm always so awfully lazy to handwrite my diary entries or ideas and inspirations, perhaps writing it here will be my motivation. And I must, because this shall be the only way I can collect inspirations (any sort of inspirations) so that I can piece them all together in a book someday.

Only TAKE NOTE: my diary-like posts aren't really what happened in real life, it could be just a figment of my imagination or perhaps a slight alter of what really happened that day. But that's what I do, I need to accumulate all kinds of inspiration, from everywhere I can, it's imperative and I just CANNOT keep putting it off!

In actual fact, this is me talking to myself here. But writing it out helps make my decisions and thoughts so much more real. It helps! Thanks for being my listenners!


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