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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

The River Writes

Heyo! Just to remind everyone, the things I write here are definitely NOT perfect. I don't choose only my best writings, or pick only my edited, perfected, long-enough stories. What you will see here is every single thing I write as long as I remember the existence of this blog :P  , whether the most short and ridiculously sounding story I'll write when I'm fuming or the cheerfully well-written story I'll write when I'm happy and focused. This is where I relax and go all out, this is where I simply practise letting my thoughts flow without fear, and I'll mention it if I really wrote seriously and did in-depth editing, which is usually for competitions or publications.

I hope you don't mind if the quality of my writing isn't so good yet. I'm really, REALLY very serious in becoming an author, and one of the reasons why I chose to create a serious blog and not to write stories on wattpad and give 90 degree bows to my fans, is because I'm not just another one of those teenagers who write to be popular, or write ten lengthy stories on only one fanfiction. I'm determined NEVER to give up and I'll read books in every genre and I'll be a really, REALLY great author someday.

I will !! ;)

Full-of-faith Etheray.

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