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Thursday, 21 September 2017

This Is My Messy But Real World

I must write more incomplete, intuitive snippets, because

1) I need to just let my thoughts flow
2) I need to stop being afraid of posting incompletes (because most incompletes are just a clump of unprofessional, disorganised nonsense, but I must, for practice and for collection of inspirations.)
3) I must accumulate lots of inspirations, and that itself allows no hesitation (or perfectionism).
(I must also stop being afraid that my followers will get annoyed at their overflowing emails :P )

Lastly and most importantly, I must remind all of you there AND myself, that I am not writing this blog for fame at the moment. This are my practices, my own world. And whoever becomes a reader of my blog, you are the reader of my world, with no magic shows; though not real life events, but my real imaginations. And some of my thoughts and feelings!

Thanks again for becoming a reader of my blog. I appreciate it alot and I feel supported and not alone! :)

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