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Monday, 16 October 2017

Don't Be Afraid Of Names: On Writers' Problems

Read this to look at the painful problems that writers face in a whole new way.

I would like to believe I am above writers' block. Or any writer problems, for that matter. Although they seem to approach me sometimes, I am not still willing to believe it exists for me. Many people complain of writers' block, wallow in absolute worry of lack of ideas, incompetence in writing skills, word count problems, unoriginality of storylines, story plots that do not flow, nausea caused by thousands of rounds of editing and publishing stresses. When I read unoriginal stories or even writing prompts, or when I hear people whining about writers' block, I flinch. I know it seems rather... show-off of me (and I don't mean it that way!), but I'd always like to believe I am above writers' block.

Writing is supposed to be one of the most freeing, most limitless arts of all time. It should not be bound by rules and rules. Everyone was born with unique minds, but their surroundings affected them, making them into a horrible One. I am determined not to be the same as everyone. I absolutely despise being the same as everyone, following the fashion flow.

Sometimes, though, these things seem to come for me. They test out my patience, make me stop writing for a few days. But every time it occurs to me that I haven't written for a while, I will force myself to go back to writing again. It isn't always successful, however. I am going on with my plan of reading more to enhance my imagination, but sometimes, I still feel drained and weary. However, I must admit I am a stubborn cow. I don't allow unoriginal ideas in my writing, although it still always happens "by accident", because I haven't yet learnt to be more imaginative. And I don't believe and don't want to believe in writers' block, just like an adult who doesn't believe in fairies, even if he'd seen one for real.

Perhaps we occasionally don't feel like writing, yes. We can't feel like eating chocolate ice cream all the time. And as for unoriginality of ideas, perhaps sometimes we are easily affected, easily swayed. That is part of human nature. But why create names like "writers' block" and "unoriginality of ideas" in their honour? Okay, maybe everything must have a name in this world, but we shouldn't let those names appear in our minds. Why name our problems when they are only for flinging around, complaining about our "bad luck" and wallowing in self pity?

Picture credit: @Unsplash

Of course, we should always try to prevent ourselves from being easily swayed. We should have a strong personality. We absorb knowledge and experience from around us and add them to our born character, not let knowledge and experience absorb us and add them to their collection of identical, military uniformed soldiers. As for lack of imagination, I recently saw a pattern among some friends who seem to be good at coming up with ideas: they watch videos on YouTube a lot. Now that is just annoying, because I'd rather not involve myself in something addictive like that. But I realize they really learn a lot from there. Maybe I might open my mind and try watching just a little.

Even now, as I write this blog post, I know I should plan it well. Take it slow, plan it paragraph by paragraph, make sure each sentence sounds professional. After all, isn't that what I should be training myself to do now, if I plan to become an author? Very unfortunately, however, I'm not doing that. I am writing rashly, off the top of my head, not stopping to think if I've followed the rules, if anything flows, not stopping to ponder if this may sound like a rant in a diary of just another immature teenage girl. I don't want to be just another immature teenage girl. Yet I'm being a bit lazy. Maybe that is human nature too...

Or, am I merely feeling defiant as I listen to all the restrictions and worries and problems the writing world is burdened with these days?

I have no idea. Rules are still important to produce quality stories, so perhaps I really am an immature teenager who doesn't know what she's talking about.

Writers' block, unoriginality of ideas, rules. They're all banned, prohibited from entering my world. They just shall not exist for me.

OK, maybe they will. But they shall not exist - in name - for me.

What I mean is, along my journey to become on author, I will be tripping and falling on random stones, which I shall not be afraid of; not a branded, excruciatingly familiar rock that I'll know I'll be doomed when I see one.

Stop exclaiming, Oh no! I am now diagnosed with the infamous writers' block/unoriginal ideas disease! 

Smile! :) It's just another stone. So that you may stop, relax and cross the road for a bit of chocolate ice cream, before moving on.

-By Writer Etheray.


  1. have no worries...Enjoy being what you are, write how you want to write Smiles... you're doing Wonderfully...Remember there will always be stones...She doesn't think you will have a problem, So...Just stop,relax and cross the road for a bit of chocolate ice cream... Smile You are a writer :)

    1. Thanks! I'll be trying hard all the way ;)

  2. Hey Etheray this is a lovely piece you wrote. For me writers block is a condition suffered by all and a mere headache if you how to handle the rotten demon. For me a relaxed approach to writing is best. Write only when your mind desires to. Write only as much as you feel like and never force yourself to write too much or to a tight deadline. Do that and your words shall flow on to your pages like the waters over Niagara Falls. Well done and thank you for sharing your thoughts they are n inspiration to us all,

    1. That's true! Writing with a relaxed approach helps in the flow of writing. But writing with a deadline helps move us forward, so we shouldn't put it off entirely too. Thanks so much! ;)