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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

ESSAY #21: The Best Leadership Lessons I Ever Learnt

Hey guys, this is an essay on leadership that I wrote for a writing competition when I was 13, the only competition that I won a consolation prize for, haha! Again, this essay contains a really important lesson that we should all learn. I hope you enjoy it! 

– By Rachel Tan (13 years old)

I was chosen to become a probationary prefect on the 8th of May, 2015.

I had never been appointed for any important position before ----- not a class monitor, a head of a club or a group leader. This was the chance for me to experience a prefect’s life.

My teacher, Mr Loh was a prefect in his youth. He said being a prefect is being a leader, so I should be thankful to be given the chance. On the other hand, my English teacher said I had the character of being a prefect because although I was not really outgoing, I had always wanted to correct the wrong behaviour of others.

That was true. When I saw my classmates cheating during the exam, I had the strong urge to inform the teacher and advice my classmates. Once, when a friend was blamed for doing something he did not, I felt like speaking up for him. However, I never did so because that would seem like a tell-tale. I always attached importance to justice. Down with bad behaviour!

Being a prefect was a wish come true. I could tell the students not to disobey the school rules, and they had to listen. Being a prefect was a position of responsibility, so I was not being a tell-tale. It was my duty, my right. I could maintain the school’s discipline. It was being a leader. That’s what being a prefect is all about. Leading, showing a great example of high moral values, good attitude, and having the ability to also maintain good studies.

On the 12th of August, our discipline teacher gathered us to announce the names of the probationary prefects who passed their probations. I was really disappointed because my name was not called. I cried bitterly, but it was useless. My teacher consoled me and told me not to be overly disappointed, there are many other ways to become a leader.

I decided to study hard and get good results. I knew doing well in my studies would cheer me up. I studied really hard and excelled in my year-end examinations. I was really happy. It was better than I had ever done in my exam, better than I had ever believed I could do.

On the 1st of November, I was taken by another wonderful surprise. I had achieved 3rd place in an essay writing competition that I participated in 6 months ago! I was delighted. Standing on the stage receiving my prize, I beamed with pride. Being a prefect is great because you are a good example for other students, and you can help maintain the good name of the school. However, sometimes we don’t have to carry important positions to be leaders. We can also lead academically, or lead in our talents and strengths. By facing the numerous challenges and difficulties we come across, not giving up and by making an effort to lead in different ways, we are already the greatest leaders ---- of life!                                      

(500 words)

Copyright Rachel Tan, 2015.

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