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Friday, 13 October 2017

MY VIEWS 1: What Is Music?

Yes, yes, we know. Music is very powerful, it can make you feel different feelings, and all that. I could go on and on about how the few songs I just listened to affected me, how it made me feel, but no one would listen to me because it is too cliche. A lot of cilche things are true, very true, in fact, only the way it is attempted to be told to people is boring and monotone. Facts in our world are limited, but the ways of expression are endless.

Today, I have learnt that music has the power of transportation. It can transport you to any place or any time at all. There is just something in those varying pitches of tones that create waves within our souls and tug at those particular few heart strings that inspire you or bring back memories. I was just listening to some of my former best friends' favourite songs, and it induces mixed emotions in me; I am sad when I remember they are no longer my best friends, and happy as I recall what fun we had singing these songs together. 

Let's delve right into the core of it: I am writing this post now because I wanted to marvel at how music, those mere varying pitches of tones, as I like to call it, can bring back bits and pieces of memories in a way your mind absolutely cannot do by itself. Your mind just cannot do it the way music does. I think, this is because while your mind uses imagery to associate various parts of the song with your memories, it also induces the same emotions you felt when you were listening to it, no matter how long ago. That is really SO amazing! 

Sometimes, I wonder what music is. It is not a human creation, because to me we are gifted with it, we did not create it. It's as if music is another force altogether, it is a second body, separated from nature and mankind, that descended upon us as an ethereal bestowal. (Oh whatever, I'm just showing off how poetic I can be now. But I really do feel that way about music. Hahaha!)


  1. This is beautiful! Music is such a lovely being. Your words are food for thought!

    1. Yes, music is really wonderful! Thanks for reading :D