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Thursday, 12 October 2017

MICRO STORY #18: Grey Areas

#18: Grey Areas 


Don't walk in the middle of the road, sonny.

But I'm fearless, valorous, audacious. I am fearsome. Right here is where I shall tread. And I shall make dents in drivers' cars, not get run over. On my left; tiny, cowering, frightened shrubs huddle, as if afraid even to grow. On my right; towering, unkempt, malicious plants unfurl, as if getting ready to pounce.

I choose the middle.

I am fearless.
I am fearsome!

A car approaches at high speed. Impatient beeping sounds fill the air. Flustered lights flash ominously.

Uncertainty can kill, sonny.


I... I'm fearful.

What I was trying to convey:

The road walker thinks he can walk in the middle between two opposing sides, two differing opinions, without getting hurt and while still making an impact. He wants to ideally settle forever in his comfort zone, which is "grey areas". Maybe walk through life like that. But when danger approaches, he learns that choosing the middle isn't really an option, as his grandfather tried to tell him. Suddenly he's not certain what he believes, and it scares him. He originally thought he was sure of his decision, but later realised that perhaps by just _being_ in the middle, he was already uncertain. And being uncertain has its consequences.

Copyright Rachel Tan, 5 Oct 2017.

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