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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

MICRO STORY #22: It Can Do Magic

Hi! This is one of my favourite pieces. I wrote this earlier this year, for a less-than-100-word writing competition, with all my heart. I really hope you like this one, as it means a lot to me :)

#22: It Can Do Magic
She gripped it close to her heart. 

She wasn't actually supposed to look yet. However, watching her sprawled on the table, looking so dispirited, I decided to let her look now. 

I watched as strength returned to her, like a ball of fire, as she shed that coat of dead leaves. Warmth spread throughout her entire body. Her eyes sparkled, and it was as if I saw a gush of spring water spray out above her in a fountain of sheer joy. 

She held it close to her heart, her smile radiating happiness. 

Copyright Rachel Tan, June 2017.

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