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Friday, 20 October 2017

MICRO STORY #24: The Jangle Of Jungles

Just a random piece I wrote in an overly desperate attempt to be different. :P

#24: The Jangle of Jungles
Already the entire jungle was twittering and chirping and growling with life, and the hissing sound abruptly broke nature’s song. Trees and shrubs on the outskirts were being sucked with full force into an invisible source of power, not unlike a gigantic vacuum cleaner. Life at the edges started fading rapidly, collapsing into the heart of the jungle, the lush green and brown all slipping away. It depressed you even at the sight of it.

In mere seconds, the whole jungle was gone. But there was no sign of uprooted soil, or leftover animal paws. There was nothing left at all.

Sicdark smirked. He stuffed it casually in his back pocket. Don’t be deceived by the meek, miniature chunk of cube-shaped mud. If you try touching it, you will get a shock. It isn’t squelchy, or wet. It’s teeth-breakingly hard, gleaming only in the eyes of the hypnotised bearer. Behind the blinding light is a chasm of undefinable evil. And it emits a soft, tentative clinking sound when you toss it around in your palms.

No one will know. Who will suspect a chunk of mud as the Supreme Destroyer Of All?

He jangled the jungle as he walked away, like car keys, in his open, deadly palms. 

Copyright Rachel Tan, July 2017.

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