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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

MICRO STORY #17: The Perfect Colleague

Random writing prompt I got from an FB writing group. Paranormal fiction is not what I usually write, which I why I chose to take the challenge! ♡ Just a short piece, though, as usual!! I'm going to have to learn to write longer stories if I want to be an author of a novel. ><

Genre: Paranormal Fiction

Writing prompt: Write a story that incorporates the words ball, castle, queen, sword, count, dark, blood. Include paranormal elements in your story.

#17: The Perfect Colleague
The beach ball is tossed into the air. Paintings of castles loom ominously behind, eerily surreal, the perfect background for the conflicting, ironical shots the photographer is renowned for. His model girl, queen-bee of the photography class he teaches, yawns loudly. 

All of a sudden, the photographer's counting fingers for a repeat shot halt in mid-air. The girl stops abruptly in mid-yawn. She emits a shriek that will haunt you forever. A rusty sword's mocking laughter echoes in her head as something sharp, but unseen by human eyes, impales her throat. Gooey green blood spurts everywhere. 

The photographer does not ask questions. He chuckles darkly, swiping away a blotch of blood on his cheek. Snap, flash, photos are taken from various angles.

" 'Count something', I suppose? Let's be partners." 

Copyright Rachel Tan, 1 Oct 2017.

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