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Monday, 23 October 2017

Moana: "Know Who You Are"

For once since I started this blog, I'd like to stray slightly away from writing just a moment :P. After all, writing is something really vast! There's nothing you can say hasn't got to do with writing, because to me, writing is only our world expressed in words.

In short, writing is everything in the universe.

This is my favourite part of the Disney movie, Moana. In this 2 minute video, Maui, who stole the nature goddess Te Fiti's heart, jumps around and shows off his awesome "Kung-fu" moves before Her-In-Rage. On the surface, he is unafraid, despite his miniature size compared to Her and the fact that he himself was the heart thief. This perhaps displays his courage, his determination to keep Moana safe, or.... possibly his ridiculous innocence!

Then Moana, who loves the ocean with her entire heart, comes in. Standing atop a hill, she lifts the emerald heart up high, it's blinding glare and shimmering sounds diverting Her attention from Maui who was nearly going to be scorched by Her flames. Maui glances in her direction -- he seems more worried for Moana's safety than relieved of the retrieval of his own. Moana walks down the hill slowly, and tells the ocean to "let Her come to me". The water before her paves a straight path from the foot of the hill all the way to Te Fiti's mountain.

Te Fiti, who has - quite literally - been turned into a heartless monster (Te Ka) since her heart was stolen, looks in Moana's direction. Her flaming eyes flare with recognition - that was Her heart Moana was holding! She scrunches her face up in sheer frustration - and disgust, then it all burns away into pure fury. She rises to her full height, emitting a horrible shriek that wavers between electricity crackling, an old lady screaming and a crow cawing, then pounces back down and advances on all flaming fours toward Moana, ominous black smoke trailing behind her. Just like Maui, Moana must be afraid inside, but on the surface she is unfazed... she is sad, even, that Te Fiti has forgotten who She is. I think Moana is a bit hesitant inside, but she pushes herself forward and does what she knows she must.

Te Ka continues to furiously claw her way toward Moana, her flaming hands sending sand and dust flying everywhere. Here, Moana sings the line "I know your name". I love Disney because the characters always use singing to convey what they are feeling. It's like saying, it's alright if You have forgotten who You are. I still care about You, I remember who You are, and I can remind You.

Moana walks up a large rock that used to be underwater. She continues singing a few lines -

They may have stolen the heart from inside You, 
But this does not define You, 

Te Ka rises before Moana on her rock. Searing hot smoke billows pass Moana.

This is not who You are, 

The Te Fiti in Te Ka is shown when Moana sings this line. All monster emotions fall away - Te Ka's fiery red body fades into black.

You know who You are. 

I really like this part. I think this goes far beyond the boundaries of human perception. It teaches us a really important lesson that many of us may not realize. Although Te Fiti's physical heart has been taken away from her, she should not in fact be truly "heartless". We all have souls that serve as anchors - and nothing - not even our hearts - can be truly deprived from us. Nothing and no one can take our hearts from us - except ourselves. We are always the ones who throw our own hearts away. And definitely not through surgery!

Te Ka bends her head down. Moana steps toward Te Ka, touches her forehead and whispers "who you truly are". Te Ka's eyelids close. Moana returns the emerald heart to Te Ka's chest. Te Ka transforms back into Te Fiti. Her body is a really beautiful and lush green that I can imagine smells of green hills and trees and grass. Her head wreath, made of flowers in every colour of the rainbow, radiates undefinable beauty and the vivacious life of nature. Te Fiti sits on a barren mountain and gets ready to touch it and bestow green life back to Earth.

The main reason why I love this part of the movie is because of the song that Moana sings, "Know Who You Are". It reminds us that we must never forget who we are, never forget our own identity, because that is what makes us special.

And never, ever give up on ourselves - by throwing away our own hearts.

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