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Thursday, 19 October 2017

POEM @5: Sightseeing

Watch what two parties learn of the world by sightseeing... in the dark.

Writing prompt: Write a piece incorporating shadows and darkness... but also hints of comedy.

@5: Sightseeing
Dancing candle lights
Flicker on the wall 
Boys admire the sights
Pretty girls at the mall 

Shadows lurk behind us 

Candle flames are out 
Darkness descends upon them
The power source is out 

We clutch rekindled candles

Feeling our way 
Through the mysteries 
Of the creepy night
Four naughty boys 
Filled with childish play 
Chase the little sweeties 
Amid subtle light 

We venture into the forest 

Animals calm in slumber 
Boys approach slowly lest
the damsels squeal in fear

The night is pleasant 

But eerily quiet 
The dark is exciting 
But excruciatingly tired 


Snores halt 
Breaths stop
Hunters stand
With bow in hand 


Girls turn 
Faces fair
Fangs glare
In witches' hair 

Animals howl in the night 

Boys scream with all their might 
The creatures grope 
The boys lose hope 
For no one can cope 
In a night as 
And slippery 
As soap. 


It dawned on us, 
That nights aren't 
As romantic as they seem. 

Would you relinquish light

In exchange for lies?

Copyright Rachel Tan, 19 Oct 2017.

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