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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

SHORT STORY #19: Kindness Will Be Repaid Finally

This is a children's story I wrote when I was 13. Mind you, this won't be original at all :P . Funny that it was only two years ago I wrote with so many cliches like these, but it is a children's story after all, with a very important moral value! I hope you like it! I'm going to be putting up all my stories I wrote when I was younger, just for archive purposes, and also to see if I'm improving. :)

Story prompt: Write a story about a black bird, a bowl of soup noodles and a girl in a hurry. 

#19: Kindness Will Be Repaid Finally

Chapter 1
It was dawn, and the Sun rose from the mysterious valleys far away. I let out a loud yawn and stretched my body sleepily. After dressing up and having my breakfast, I walked to school happily.
I went into my class and sat down to read my favorite storybook. The boys all around me were playing and the girls were chatting and laughing. “Girls and boys, return to your places!” I heard a stern voice and the whole class was silent. It was Miss Aniya, our class teacher. Suddenly, everyone’s attention was drawn to the front of the class. I looked up – and I saw a girl standing beside Miss Aniya. “Class, this will be your new classmate. I hope to see that you treat her well and make her feel part of our class.”
“Grace, go and sit beside Rachel.” Miss Aniya pointed to the empty table beside me. Grace sat down beside me. She had a pair of bright eyes and a sweet smile. “Class, now take out your workbooks, we need to discuss Exercise 8. Rachel, please help Grace catch up with her homework.” Later during recess, I showed her around the school. My first impression of her was that she was quite a nice girl.

Chapter 2
It’s been more than a month since Grace transferred here. Grace is a girl with a lot of good qualities. She is a very clever girl and she really knows how to adapt to the new environment fast. She managed to catch up with her homework. Now, she even helps me with my homework. When I don’t understand the lessons teacher is teaching, she will explain it to me with patience until I understand. Sometimes, we go to the library to do homework together. When I’m in the wrong, she points it out and tells me to change my ways.
I loved my school and my class, but there was just this one naughty boy Simon and his two friends, Andy and John. He loved to make fun of people and he never did his homework. He is also very unkind. Therefore, the whole class hated him and ignored him.
“Grace, let’s meet at my house to finish our group project tomorrow.” I told Grace when walking home from school. “Okay!” she replied. She kept stopping to smell the lovely flowers along the way. “Ahhh, these flowers smell so lovely!” She sighed. I smiled. Maybe I should get a bunch of flowers for her birthday, I thought.
Suddenly, Grace and I heard laughter and some boys’ loud voices. Why were those voices so familiar? We looked in the direction of the shouting. We saw the three boys, Simon, Andy and John, throwing stones at a black bird. It scared the black bird and it flapped its wings in fright.
“Hey!” cried Grace in horror. “How dare you throw stones at the bird? Don’t injure it! It has a life, and it can feel, just like us! How would u like it if a giant threw huge boulders at you?”
The three boys did not care about Grace’s words. They just continued throwing stones at the bird. Suddenly, Simon hit the black bird with the stone. The poor little bird was badly injured. “Bulls eye!” shrieked Simon, and he and his friends laughed loudly. Those boys are so heartless, I thought sadly.
“Ha!” Simon pointed to Grace. “You’re a sore loser, and a useless girl!” Andy and John snickered. They walked off, laughing.
Grace ignored the boys completely. She was almost to tears when she saw the injured little black bird lying on the floor. She ran to it and carried it in her palms. The black bird’s left wing was injured and it could not fly. It lay on one side, breathing faintly.
“It’s hurt! I’ll bring it home with me.” Grace said.
So, I followed Grace to her house. Grace put it gently on the table. She applied some medicine on its hurt wing and bandaged it. Then, she got a cardboard box and I placed some cotton wool in it. Grace put the bird in the box.
“Hope u get better soon, black bird.” Grace said softly to the bird. Then she told me, “Let it rest. When it gets better, I’ll let it go. The little black bird must have its own parents, too. I hope they aren’t too worried.”
I walked home, thinking of the bird. I hoped it would get well soon too. Then I thought of Grace. She’s such a nice girl because she is good in her studies and kind to animals, too.
A few days later, the little black bird recovered.  I went to Grace’s house to see her let it go. “Bye, black bird! Hope to see you again!” Grace let the bird go and the bird flew off into the trees. Grace smiled happily.

Chapter 3
It was Friday. Grace and I had to stay back for some extra activities in school, so we went to the canteen to have some lunch. Grace bought a bowl of soup noodles and I ate the fried rice my mum made for me.
I looked for a table to sit down for lunch. Suddenly, Grace realized she was late for choir practice. She was in a hurry to get to the table to eat. Unfortunately, Grace tripped and fell. Luckily, she was not hurt but her bowl of soup noodles spilled everywhere. Suddenly, Grace and I heard a flap of wings. It was the little black bird Grace took home a few days ago!
The little black bird pecked up the noodles that were scattered all over the floor. “Tweet tweet!” It chirped happily, and nudged the bowl of noodles towards Grace. Grace was surprised and delighted. “Oh thank you, little black bird! That’s so sweet of you!” Grace exclaimed.
“ Hey! It’s that sore loser over there!” shouted a loud voice. It was Simon. Andy and John laughed mockingly. Grace did not mind the boys teasing her.
Suddenly, the black bird flew at the boys and pecked hard at them. The boys screamed in pain and ran away in fright. The little black bird flew up to Grace and perched on her shoulder. It sang a happy tune.

I was happy for Grace. Kindness will always be repaid finally.

Copyright Rachel Tan, May 2015.


  1. Grace indeed is a sweet girl....

    1. Yes she is! :D Although stories like these are so common, boring even, yet kindness like this is rarely seen. It isn't easy to withstand peer pressure and remain kindhearted these days!