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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Stories I Wrote When I Was Younger / Unfinished Stories

Am I really a true author? :b

Ok, so exams were over five days ago! :D Now, I have lots and lots of unfinished stories that I have not tended to yet. I don't allow myself to abandon my works, not because I stubbornly want to continue on with something already worthless, but because I know it is very important that authors learn patience.

Let me sum up my list of unfinished stories that I need to sit down and tend to, or stories I wrote when I was younger and want to do some editing:

Completed stories to be edited and put up:
1) Kindness Will Be Repaid Finally (written when I was 13)

2) Haters Will Hate, Fakers Will Fake (written when I was 13)

3) The Best Leadership Lessons I Learnt (written when I was 13)

4) It Can Do Magic (100 words writing competition, written this year)

5) That's My Best Friend

6) The Jangle Of Jungles

7) Rainbow (One of my first ever pieces)

8) Toys' Heaven (cliche but thought provoking, maybe? xD)

9) All Have Souls (title subject to change)

10) Animals Versus Humans (Show Vs Tell Challenge)

11) Priceless (very short micro story)

12) Incompletes: IMAGINED LIVES 2

Completed poems to be edited and put up:
1) Unconditional

2) Released

Unfinished stories to be completed:

1) Reminiscent

2) Venture

3) Everything In Between

4) The Flying Rabbit

5) Unbelievable Tales (this is NOT the title, it's a 1000 word challenge on adventures and fantasy)

6) NUHA foundation writing contest submission (title yet to be determined)

Gosh. I only just realized how much I need to work on. Well, I shouldn't be sighing now - bye, I'm off! :P


*Links to these stories will be added beside the respective titles when they are done. Let's see if I really have the determination to finish all of these... if I am fit to be a true author! (Seriously, I'm not too sure. :P )

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