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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

POEM @6: Rhyming I Hates

After I wrote this poem, I realized I'm not so great at writing stories, but I'm an expert in rhyming... oh well, not something I'm that proud off, hahaha!
Anyway, I hope you enjoy this really witty poem I wrote!

POEM @6: Rhyming I Hates
There's a thousand things I hate in this world, 
For they never-endingly unfurl.
Pardon me, for my little rant, 
Life messed with my hair, it's a little unkempt.

I hate confinements,
Never crossing the boundary line;
I hate dilemmas,
You'd better choose in time.
I hate disasters,
Like a cat who's lost Life Nine;
I hate complications,
Simplicity works just fine. 

I hate sarcasm, 
Backhanded praises and wine;
I hate smiles,
Sincerity they never define;
I hate secrets, 
For they are never mine.

I hate being blamed,
Are you blind?
I hate white lies,
They're greasy as slime.
I hate betrayal 
What about the contract you've signed?
I hate being left out,
Forever thrown behind.

I hate uncertainty,
The friendship I cannot find;
I hate theft,
You've stolen her, the worst crime.

I hate fake friend, 
Let's kill you and make you a shrine;
I hate best friends,
I love you, but you're still a bind.
I hate humans, 
Cruel, evil and unkind; 
I hate myself,
I will never shine. 

I hate feeling lonely, 
I hate the weird looks; 
I hate peer pressure, 
And your disgusted pukes.

But wait a minute,
Wait a minute, 
Give me some time;
If I hate all conditions
that aren't prime,
Will my life not even 
cost a dime?

Copyright Rachel Tan, 26 Oct 2017.

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