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Thursday, 2 November 2017

SHORT STORY #26: The Cure

This, very surprisingly, is one of the most original stories I have ever written. I wanted to write this story for my friend's birthday, which was two days ago on 31 October 2017, and this was what I came up with! Guess spontaneous stories have great potential too sometimes!

I wish a happy birthday to my friend Radea! I hope you will like the story I wrote for your birthday. I tried my best to write a story that fits your cheerful personality. Never stop being your full-of-energy, healthy and funny self. If we get a chance, let's go to that book fair together, hahaha!

Although this was originally written for Radea, I would also like to present this to Saffire, whose birthday was yesterday on 1 November. Stay happy, always :)

#26: The Cure

Six octopuses swam hesitantly towards the peculiar plastic bag. It was bright pink. Black spots flicker weakly; not upon its frail surface, but not exactly hovering around it either. Sort of like an illusion... in a soapy bubble.

Their leader, Jackudo, stuck one tentacle into the floating mass and touched a black spot. Immediately, poison shot so rapidly from the tip of his tentacle throughout his body that he was thrown two metres behind.

He was dead.

The five other octopuses recoiled in shock. No one rushed to their beloved leader's side. They were much too busy staring at The Deadly Plastic Bag to do so. 

A curious octopus reached for the plastic bag. 

"Don't be a fool!" the others shout - but too late, though. The Fool's tentacles came into contact with the smooth, silky surface of the plastic bag. 

And then something unbelievable happened. A beautiful, evergreen wreath grew magically around his head.


"Awesome!" said another. He stuck two tentacles into the bubble of illusion, avoiding the black spots like The Fool did. A wreath of pretty, multicoloured flowers instantly dotted his wrinkly head. 

"This is a special plastic bag," concluded Wise One. "The poison in the plastic has been focused very hard on a few points, causing the rest of the plastic bag to be pristine. But why invent such a bag?"

"It's a test," said Clever One.

Everyone followed his gaze to the colossal shadow hovering about them - a humongous ship. 

"A test," confirmed another. 

"So poison and purity will counter-act upon each other and become neutral!" Rash One exclaimed. He snatched it and swallowed it down in a single gulp. The others screamed in horror.

Nothing happened.

"Interesting!" cried Rash One. "Tastes blend, though. Bleh."

Atop the ship, some water pollution researchers gave each other high fives.

"From now on," announced their leader, holding up a list of priceless formulas that would soon change the world, "there will never be such a thing as pollution again. We have found The Cure." 

Copyright Rachel Tan, 2 November 2017.