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Friday, 3 November 2017

SHORT STORY #27: Best Friends At Heart

Best friends can be bonded by conversation, 
but also be linked by heart.
Although, frankly, by heart's a complication, 
And chatting is always the start.

My younger brother and I came up with these six random words, with which we have tried to come up with a story incorporating all of them. My brother came up with the playful sounding beginning, which inspired me to write the rest. I hope this cliche but cute story of friendship between animals will inspire you! :D

The Six Words:
Rooster, Fan, Dog, Clothes, Hungry, Funny

This story was coincidentally finished on my friend Pruinille's birthday, so I would like to present this to her as a birthday present.
I put this up on the class notice board on your birthday in March, and took it down about a week before our major exam in October. You never bothered to read it... I remember how you were too busy talking to someone else. It hurt a little, but that's okay, I understand "writing" isn't everyone's interest. I just thought you could come take a look at something that makes me truly happy. But if you really don't want to, that's alright. It's okay. 
Happy birthday! Never stop being your pretty, funny and always-laughing self. :)

And, don't forget to see beauty in life and in the world. 

#27: Best Friends At Heart
Rooster said hi to his best friend Dog's Clothes. The dog watched this in silent jealousy. He wanted to have a chat with Rooster, but due to his sore throat, he couldn't really speak properly. So when the Rooster said hi to the dog's clothes, the dog was not happy. Suddenly, the fan blew at the dog's clothes. Dog's Clothes flew away. The dog was glad because he wouldn't need to be jealous of Dog's Clothes anymore. Unfortunately to the dog's dismay and to the rooster's delight, Dog's Clothes came floating down, a second after their far-too-momentary excitement and grief.

"Yay!" said Rooster.
"Ugh," said Dog.
"You're back!" cried Rooster!
"Get lost!" yelled Dog (despite his terrible sore throat).

After a moment of awkward silence, the dog growled, his hoarse voice crackling: "Get lost now. I don't need you hogging my friendship with Rooster."

"Oh... I'm sorry that I made you feel so, Dog. I did not mean it. You can always be friends with Rooster too, right, Rooster?" said Dog's Clothes.

"Right," said the rooster.

However, Dog knew the rooster was inclined towards Dog's Clothes, as they were the best of friends. The dog glared at them. But deep down, he felt hurt, a strong pang of jealousy hitting his hard in the chest.

"I don't need you."

Later, near a bunch of trash cans in a dark alley, the dog was seen rummaging among the trash cans for food. "No food... need food... where's food......"

Dog started to feel cold. He wedged himself  between two rubbish bins and shivered. The steely, metallic surface of the trash cans against his body sent chills down his spine.

"If only I had something to keep me warm," thought the dog. "A warm fire, some warm food, or, or......"

Dog was suddenly reminded of Dog's Clothes. He started to miss him. He didn't want to admit it, but he wished he could see him again. He regretted walking out on Dog's Clothes.

"Dog! Dog! Where are you?"

It was Rooster. He soon appeared, red feathers strikingly noticeable. "Dog's Clothes and I have been searching for you for hours," said Rooster. "We've found you at last! Dog's Clothes!"

Dog's Clothes came hurrying towards Dog. "We've finally found you!" he exclaimed. "We've been looking high and low for you...... what are you doing here? Let's go home. Come on, put me on, I've been flopping around and looking horribly shapeless all afternoon. Isn't that so, Rooster?" He laughed. "You should have seen my sloppy look. I looked so awfully ridiculous......"

And Dog's Clothes went on and on and on. For the first time ever, Dog didn't mind Dog's Clothes' excited chatter. Instead, in only five hours, he had already started to miss it. He smiled at Dog's Clothes, his funny bosom buddy, and with his stumpy paws scrambled into him. They talked and talked. For a moment, both of them completely forgot about Rooster. He stood by them - their calm, quiet, content and ever-caring friend. Although he did not appear much in this story, Rooster knew and saw a lot more than anyone would imagine he did. Watching his friends, he beamed.

"Ah! Finally, I don't have to slop around shapelessly," grinned Dog's Clothes.

"Ah! Finally, I don't have to seek warmth in the midst of trash cans," cheered Dog.

And Rooster thought: Ah, the three of us, always happy together.

Copyright Rachel Tan, 13 March 2017. 

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