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Sunday, 17 December 2017

POEM @8: Convinced

Hi everyone! I'm sorry I haven't updated my blog in almost 5 weeks. :P I have been pretty busy, and I admit a bit lazy as well. Writing is still my biggest love! But the down side of that is that writing isn't a relaxing hobby like singing or reading. It takes patience to sit down in front of the computer and ignore other beckoning temptations, which are "easy fun", as I call it - writing takes some time to get into, but once you're onto it, you truly enjoy yourself. The fun just takes time to come!

So now today I have finally defeated that thing that's holding me back, and here I am, five weeks later. I hope to get back on track! :P

Here's my new poem, titled Convinced. :)

@8: Convinced  
Laughter and snickers a sum,
Mocking sneakers on bum, 
Mutters and whispers 
"She's dumb". 

Finally I run 

It's not a bit fun
But to my absolute horror
The same snickers and sneakers 
Still loiter 
In this new foyer 
So similar to days former.

Cynical a person you've made me 

Through deliberate deception 
You gave me this conception 
That heartlessness prevails in all the world.
Now all I see
Is a sea 
Made of identical cruelty 
And that's always meant to be. 

So don't gawk at me

When I'm tempted to flee
For a recluse's life is free.

Don't speculate

When I hesitate 
To even try brewing 
Normal, natural friendships
For all the way hitherto 
Never you failed in a convince so true
That thoughtlessness in cauldrons 
Are in abundance, 
And will destroy the potion of friendship. 

For you've made me believe

That evil makes up all the world.

Copyright Rachel Tan, 16 Dec 2017.

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