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Monday, 8 January 2018

IMAGINED LIVES 2: When I Watch America's Got Talent

What actually happens when I watch America's Got Talent on YouTube?

Up till now, while everyone had had so much exposure to so many things in this world, while everyone had facebook accounts since the ripe age of nine, were constantly updated on the latest of just about everything, gossiped, played video games, watched k-pop, japanese animes, and korean and hong kong dramas, gushed about the handsome guys in korean boy bands, and were busy being teenagers, I was holed up at home, studying my head off, and dreaming about the sparkling moment when I'll fling away my history textbook, pick up a feather pen between my dainty fingers, and smile as people fought for my author's autograph.

Okay, so that isn't exactly the reason why I'm finally here today. I'm sorry I haven't posted here in weeks! I just couldn't bring myself to start on anything, I'm so lazy, so unfit to be a true author.

But hey, I'm still gonna try.

Wow! BTS? What song is that?
Oops. No. It's some korean boy band.

I don't really know much about all these weird trends that bounced around in class like a beach ball. Unfortunately, that makes me ignorant to a lot of other stuff that "I should know by now", too. So I occasionally I spend some time randomly surfing the Internet, Youtube, etc, see if I can gain some general knowledge about our world. I want to learn new things, I want to let interesting things that I never knew of before amaze me and bring me contentment.

So through that, I learnt about the existence of this huge and significant contest, American's Got Talent, which I realize must be yet another something that I should have known about but didn't till now. It's been on for more than 10 years, and the contestants and judges are really funny and... yeah, basically it's different and exciting because I get to see people from various backgrounds and cultures and who have varying personalities. I'm almost addicted now to watching three particular young prodigies that competed on AGT, two in 2017 and one in 2016. Their singing is just so fantastic and amazing. I especially like Grace Vanderwaal, who sang songs she wrote herself in the contest, and whose songs had a voice so strong and unique; and my favourite is Angelica Hale. In all those interviews, she speaks like an innocent, playful and giggly nine-year-old, but when she sings she's like a different person. She sings her whole heart out and with a lot of genuine emotion, and although I know she's still young and mustn't truly understand the meaning of the things she sings, her focused and serious expression really makes people believe those words.

I really like watching the slideshow of emotions in the AGT videos. I like watching the judges sarcasm, the contestants nervousness, and their joy after that when they receive four yeses! Especially when the gold buzzer is pressed, the gold streamers explode all around the contestant, like their world just burst into flowers, and it really does seem that way according to their faces. I like all these scenes of happiness and excitement and especially that kind of omigosh-I-can't-believe-I-did-it surprise. I love all the emotions shown in the contestants' singing and when they get accepted into the next round, and the smile on the judges faces saying the talented children deserve it.

I don't know why, I just love watching all their emotions. And I keep watching and re-watching the auditions and quarter and semi finals again and again and watch all the details in their emotions - OK, I must seem really weird now - and I feel like I'm experiencing each and every of their feelings, and it's like I would really like to feel like that someday. Not by singing, but maybe an achievement in writing. It would be so wonderful to feel that kind of inexpressible joy, pushing out in all directions and threatening to burst out of you in an amazing way.

Of course, I would have to work hard for that, because nothing drops from the sky. I resolve to work really hard on improving my writing, on getting more writing practice, and conquering my weaknesses - lack of patience and focus, which are essential in being a successful writer. I'll keep watching America's Got Talent on YouTube, as a reminder how success feels like. From this day onward, that reminder will be my motivation to never stop writing and pursuing my dreams, as well as well a drive to do everything in my life well, so as to feel like that - accomplished and happy - in the future.

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-By Writer Etheray.


  1. Keep following those dreams! My teenage dream was to sail from New Jersey to Fatu Hiva in French Polynesia. I finally did it and am now writing about it. I like your line, "...pushing out in all directions and threatening to burst out of you in an amazing way." Best of luck!

    1. Thank you! And it's amazing that you managed to get your dream fulfilled. I hope mine will too soon! :b

  2. You know what I decided? Knowledge is relative to the life you experience. Sometimes it's not important to be versed on all these trivia items, and some understanding you've developed in the meantime is worth a hundred times more. *shrugs* That, or I'm getting older and I just can't be bothered to keep up with all the trends. I'd prefer to believe it's a bit of wisdom rather than laziness. ;)

    1. I agree. Experience is the best, most fulfilling, most lasting form of knowledge.