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Sunday, 7 January 2018

Lost Interest In Writing?

Recently, I've lost the interest and patience to start writing anything.

What now? Am I just another teenager with ever-changing interests? Is my love for writing ending already?

I'd really hate to admit that. It happens really often, actually. I seem to lose the interest to write at random times for no apparent reason, and my love for writing comes back again later. That usually happens when I force myself to start writing after a long time of not doing so, and I start and then realize that yeah, I always loved writing, and I still do now that I've "re-warmed" up the engine in me. But yet I'm always thinking, will it one day leave and never return?
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I've been singing a lot these days, even trying to train myself to sing vibrato :P I have a really artsy personality, and so I enjoy writing, singing, playing the piano, drawing and dancing, even though I really am not exceptionally good at any. I have a special liking for things that are mediums of expressing myself, and those mentioned above are to me all actually five different and wonderful ways of telling stories. And this is why I chose to be a writer, the most direct way of telling a story! Though since I'm not all that awesome in any of these, my footsteps are a bit wobbly and uncertain, because I'm not even sure if I want to walk straight or left or right, or if I even intend to begin walking.

But for now I'm still sticking to being a writer and not a singer. I tried imagining it before, me being an item of entertainment and scrutiny on stage, like a bright yellow CD player on auction. And while I belt out the songs programmed into me, my sole purpose only to awe the listeners, the audience points and whispers, criticizing my voice and my figure. Then they devise a Secret Mission to steal my shoes or my lipstick, perhaps, and tries to sell it for a billion dollars.

I am never blinded by only the pros. I always look for cons in everything. Sometimes maybe a little too often!

I'm not saying being a writer is easy, either. I'm singing a lot these days because it deceptively seems so much easier, all you have to do is open your mouth and sing, while writing takes ages of planning and thinking and editing. Writing takes a lot of patience, and my busy schedule doesn't allow hours of just thinking. Sometimes I wish I had more time to write, so that my love for writing may be given its chance to develop properly. Perhaps that is why I "derail" so easily - I am not right on track in the first place.

For now, I'm happy that my writing love still comes back. I hope to keep writing to maintain my passion for it. May I always love writing and achieve my big dreams someday! And may inspiration always be with me. :P

To all those amazing writers out there: if writing was meant for you, your love for it will always stay, no matter how huge the pressure of racking your brains, editing and finding the right publisher :D

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-By Writer Etheray.